Backup emailaccounts with Zimbra zmmailbox

The following code makes it possible to loop through email addresses saved in the file /home/maarten/emailaccounts.txt.


for i in $(cat /home/maarten/emailaccounts.txt);

do zmmailbox -z -m $i getRestURL "//?fmt=tgz" > /backup/$i.$(date +%d-%m-%Y).tgz


For now the addresses have to be added manually to the file emailaccounts.txt, but with the zmprov command it’s possible to generate a list of accounts, which can also be used as a source for accounts that have to be exported.

Make sure you have a folder backup in the root of your server (mkdir /backup), and it is writable for the Zimbra user (chown zimbra:zimbra /backup).

A better version of this backup script can be found here.