Add Synology NFSv4.1 datastore to VMware ESXi 8

I have a Synology DS214 NAS in my network. A folder on the NAS was shared via NFS. Connecting to this shared folder with NFS version 3 worked fine in VMware ESXi 8.0, but I was unable to get access to the folder using NFS version 4.1. Newer models may support NFS version 4.1 out of the box., check your settings.

While searching for a solution, I found that in my case the configuration of NFS had to be changed on the Synology DS214 NAS. By default it allows NFS version 4, but not NFS version 4.1.

By following these steps, it is possible to add the Synology NFS datastore to VMware ESXi 8 using NFS version 4.1:

  1. Enable SSH in Synology DSM
  2. Login to SSH with your admin credentials
  3. Type sudo -i to become root
  4. Navigate to /etc/nfs/:
    cd /etc/nfs/
  5. Edit the file syno_nfs_conf:
    vi syno_nfs_conf
  6. Press Insert on your keyboard and change the value of nfs_minor_ver_enable from 0 to 1
  7. Press Escape, type :wq! and then press Enter
  8. Restart the NFS service:
    systemctl restart nfs-server
  9. Log out of SSH by typing exit twice
  10. Mount the NFS Datastore in VMware ESXi

You should now be able to add the NFS share as a datastore to your VMware ESXi server.

Based on these instructions: VMware ESXi mount a NFS share on a Synology Diskstation